Eat, Drink & Be Married

Wedding Dinners Replace Traditional Receptions

By: Aubrey Omen

  Get ready. Ceremony. Pictures. Video. Set up. More pictures. Stand in line. Greet guests. Still in the… [Read More]

Have Your Cake & Decorate It Too

Some Helpful Hints For Designing A Seasonally Appropriate Cake

By: Keely Coxon

  Leaves, polka dots and flowers…oh my! When it comes to incorporating the wedding season into your cake… [Read More]

Here, There, But Not Just Anywhere

Guide To Selecting A Wedding Ceremony ( And Reception) Venue

By: Keely Coxon

  Let's get right to it – the venue of your wedding ceremony and reception will probably be the one of… [Read More]

The A-List

A Professional Opinion On How To Create A Guest List

By: Keely Coxon

  So, the day has come that you’ve decided to get married. You’re probably happy enough right now to… [Read More]

Gifts Galore

Exploring The Recent Trend Of Multiple Bridal Showers

By: Keely Coxon

Back in the day, wedding showers were meant to provide a young bride-to-be with the necessities of everyday married… [Read More]

Please & Thanks

A Guide To Wedding Stationery, From Invites To Thank-You Cards

By: Keely Coxon

  Now here’s a quick question: what is the most important part of planning a wedding? If you answered… [Read More]

Matrimonial Myth Busters

Uncovering Popular & Uncanny Wedding Traditions From Ireland To Japan

By: Keely Coxon

The other day, I found myself flipping nonchalantly through a wedding book, as do many writers of my job description… [Read More]

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